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2021-02-15 - 2023-04-30

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Pathways to Business project has started on 1st of January 2021 and ends on 30th of April 2023. The project will be executed together with Oulu University and Oulu University of Applied Sciences. The project is linked to the municipal experiment of employment starting on 1st of March 2021.

A central objective of the project is to support the unemployed with a higher education degree in developing their early and working life entrepreneurial skills. The project aims to advance a fluent transition period between higher education and entrepreneurship and working life.

A tangible goal of the project is to arrange coachings related to entreprenurial and working life skills to the unemployed seeking a job and students in higher education that have nearly graduated. The measures taken in the project seek to support that the target audience would find their own place and direction in working life as employees or entrepreneurs and that possible unemployment would be conquered in the early phases. In the core of the project is continuous learning and strengthening motivation, capability, resilience and agency as well as self-regulation skills.

A member of the guidance group participates in the meetings of the group. The student will gain experience in meetings and they have a great opportunity to network. The guidance group follows the execution of the project plan, guides the activities of the project, handles administrative issues related to the project and helps in spreading information on the results of the project. The guidance group’s working language is Finnish.

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