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2019-01-01 - 2021-12-31

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The construction committee for the renovation of Info Centre Korona has been established for the duration of the construction project. The construction work is estimated to take place in 2020–2021. The construction committee represents the end user and will convene a couple of times a year during the project. The committee will approve the premise of the project as well as its central plans: the project plan, draft plans and general plans.

The construction committee is formed by representatives of the user units, students, personnel and occupational health and safety as well as the people in charge of the project in facility and property services. The project director, project manager and main designer of the project will act in the construction committee as expert members, with other specialists also invited if needed. Director of Properties and Facilities Teppo Salmikivi will act as the chair of the construction committee.

Students are represented in the construction committee by one member and one vice member. The term of the student members will last for the duration of the construction project. The student members must study on the Viikki campus.

Current student representatives


University representatives