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Workshop for students at the ÅAU auditredigerad %Y-04-04 kl. 11:48



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Åbo Akademi University will be audited 4-5 May 2022 by The Finnish Education Evaluation Centre FINEEC. An audit is an external review of the activities and quality assurance. The audit is a good opportunity for students to influence and give suggestions on how to improve ÅAU.

The university that is being audited prepares materials and the expert panel that conducts the audit reads the materials and then visit the university. The expert panel also includes a student member. During the visit the panel meets with the management, staff, and students.

The selected students will participate in an audit workshop arranged on Wednesday, 4 May, from 10.10 a.m. to noon. No previous experience is required, and the students do not need to prepare in any way. The workshop will be held online.

In the workshop, each student will first answer a short questionnaire. After that, you will get placed in breakout rooms and work together and write down answers to a few questions. The groups work entirely independently. Your answers will be for the auditors to read later.

For the workshop to be successful, 30 students need to participate. This means 5 groups with 5 students according to the list below:

1) 2 groups of graduate students

2) 2 groups with master's students

3) 1 group with international degree students (language: English)

We hope to find students from all faculties to take part in the workshops. When you apply to join the workshop, please write what masters program you are enrolled in.

If you have questions, please be in contact to Students’ Rights Expert Petra Lindblad, petra@studentkaren.fi or Board Member responsible for educational policy Erik Östman erik@studentkaren.fi.

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