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The Teaching Development Group of the Oulu Extension SchoolModified 2019-12-16 08:34


The Teaching Development Group of the Oulu Extension School

Searching for

one member, one deputy

Opening date of application


Application period

2019-10-01 - 2019-12-11


2020-01-01 - 2021-12-31

Place and date for decision making

OYY board meeting on December

Are you interested in developing language and communication training? Do you have experiences of language and communication studies that may or may not have been very successful? This is the best place to influence the development and functionality of language and communication studies in our university.

The Oulu Extension School (TOPIK) is responsible for organizing language and communication training to the degree students in the University. It is also responsible for carrying out adult education as vocational supplementary training. The unit coordinates the alumni programs at the University. Additionally, the unit supports the faculties and departments by providing skills needed in working life. As a part of the University, the Extension School promotes the achievement of the University's core tasks, strategy and efficiency. in the Oulu Extension School, the skills of teaching language and communication skills and developing them is combined with the skills of adult education and project management.

As a student representative in the Teaching Development Group you will get to discuss many things concerning language and communication training, such as the feedback system, course changes, and matters concerning adult education and supplementary education from the perspective of quality and functionality.

Note that the language of the meetings is Finnish.

Your application should include, at the least, the following information: your major subject and the state of your studies, previous experiences as a student representative in the administration, and your motivation for developing language and communication education.