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FSHS's Health Working Group (Oulu-Kokkola)Modified 2021-11-18 10:43


FSHS Health Working Group

Searching for

2 members, 2 deputies

Opening date of application


Application period

2021-10-18 - 2021-11-28


2022-01-01 - 2023-12-31

Place and date for decision making


The FSHS’s Health Working Group promotes health and consists of the FSHS health centre of Oulu, the University of Oulu and its student union as well as the University of Applied Sciences of Kokkola and other parties. The working group designs and implements plans to promote students’ health, actively keeps in contact with other operators and spreads awareness of health knowledge on a local level. In addition, the working group trains the FSHS staff for health promotion by educating the staff about student life. The working group organises a well-being week annually for the university community.

Two members and two deputy members are selected for the working group for a two-year term. OYY’s Specialist in Social Affairs is entitled to attend and speak in the meetings and supports the student representatives in their work. Participation in the working group is voluntary work and does not award the participants study credits.

The Board of OYY appoints the student representatives in December of 2021, and the representatives’ term begins in January of 2022. Eligible for the position are all students who have submitted their application by the deadline of the application process and are registered as attending by 31 November, 2021. The selected student representative must be registered as attending when acting as a representative.

Participating in the FSHS’s Health Working Group does not require any previous experience. Interest in promoting students’ well-being is considered a benefit. The selection process is conducted in accordance with the Act on Equality between Women and Men (609/1986).

In your application, please tell us your major, the stage of your studies and other experience that may affect the selection. Also describe your personal goals and motivation for the representative role.

Applications shall be submitted to this announcement by 28th of November. Sign in with your HAKA user account.

For further information contact Sanna Kangasniemi, OYY’s Specialist in Social Affairs, sanna.kangasniemi@oyy.fi