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Faculty Board for Faculty of HumanitiesModified 2021-11-10 10:45


Faculty Board for Faculty of Humanities

Searching for

2 members, 2 deputies

Opening date of application


Application period

2021-10-18 - 2021-11-28


2022-01-01 - 2023-12-31

Place and date for decision making

OYY's board on Dec 2021

Faculty Boards are legal administrative bodies in faculties with multiple members (Universities Act §27). They handle the management of the faculties alongside deans and the Faculty Management Groups and decide on the faculty’s broader actions.

The faculty board is tasked with, for example, the preparation, resource planning and implementation of the faculty’s operational programme, approval of the faculty’s action and financial plan as well as its personnel plan. Additionally, the Faculty Board follows and guides the communications of the faculty’s affairs to the personnel and students. The rector hears the Faculty Board when choosing a dean or educational dean.

In addition to students the Faculty Board, according to the University Regulations 8§ includes the dean, faculty staff and external members who have expertise on the faculty’s areas of competence. The Boards meeting times vary, most meet a couple of times per semester. The members are chosen for the Faculty Boards for a two-year term. The student representatives work especially close with the faculty’s subject societies. Members can get study credits (4 cr. / term, max. 10 cr. / student) and they are paid commissions (41,20€ per participated meeting / 2021).

The Board of the Student Union of the University of Oulu names the student representatives in December 2021. The representative term starts 1/2022. Eligible for the organ are those Student Union members who have left their application within the application period and have enrolled in the University of Oulu by 31.11.2021. Eligible for faculty organs are students who have primary study rights in the faculty in question. The chosen representative must be present as a student at the University of Oulu for their representative term. The representatives will be chosen as broadly as possible to represent all degree programmes of the Faculty. In the selection process, the Act on Equality between Women and Men (609/1986) shall be followed.

In your application, please tell us your major, the stage of your studies and other experience that may affect the selection. Also describe your personal goals and motivation for the representative role.

Applications shall be submitted to this announcement by November 28. Sign in with your HAKA user account.

For further information contact Aino Rossi, Specialist of Academic Affairs of the Student Union (OYY), aino.rossi@oyy.fi

Note: The Board of OYY has decided to continue the call period until the 28th of Nov 2021 due to changes in the University's systems.