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The university CollegiumModified 2021-11-10 11:26


University Collegium

Searching for

8 members, 8 deputies

Opening date of application


Application period

2021-10-18 - 2021-11-28


2022-01-01 - 2023-12-31

Place and date for decision making

OYY's Student Council on the 8th of Dec 2021

The University Collegium of the University of Oulu is, alongside the board, our university’s most influential body. The jurisdiction and assembly of the University Collegium governed by public law is regulated in the Finnish Universities Act. The collegium is responsible, for example, for making decisions pertaining to the board’s number of members and confirming the selection of new members, as well as confirming financial statements and annual reports. In addition, the collegium releases the board from liability and relieves board members from their duty. For the term of student representatives of 2022-23, the Collegium selects the majority of the members from outside the University in the Board. A comprehensive list of the collegium’s statutory duties can be found at the end of this call. The collegium generally assembles twice a year, on top of which meetings with the Oulu University Collegium’s student group as well as other co-operation will require members to reserve some time.

For more, get familiar with the collegium: https://www.oulu.fi/en/oulu-university-collegium

8 student representatives and 8 personal deputy members are selected to the Collegium for a two-year term. The deputy members attend the student group’s meetings and cover for members in case they are unable to attend. Moreover, the administrative body comprises 8 professors and 8 other staff members, who have personal deputy members in accordance with the University of Oulu’s Education Regulation § 13. The student union’s academic affairs specialist supports the student representatives. Students will receive credits (2 ECST per term, max 10 ECST / student) for the operation as well as a meeting fee (41,20€ per attended meeting /2021).

The Student Council of OYY elects the student representatives of the University Collegium on the 8th of Dec 2021. The term of the elected representatives begin in January 2022. The eligible applicants can be interviewed on the days before the election. The applicants are notified of the possible interview. Eligible for the student representative position are all members of the student union who have applied for the position by the deadline of the application period and have registered as attending for the term of student representatives duty by the 31st of November 2021. The selected applicants must be registered as attending students when acting as student representatives.

Previous experience in student representative work in the administrative body is considered a benefit in the appointment. The Council aims to select representatives from all faculties of the University of Oulu if possible. In the selection process, the Act on Equality between Women and Men (609/1986) shall be followed. In your application, please tell us your major, the stage of your studies and other experience that may affect the selection. Also describe your personal goals and motivation for the representative role.

Applications shall be submitted to this announcement by November 28. Sign in with your HAKA user account. For further information contact Aino Rossi, Specialist of Academic Affairs of the Student Union (OYY), aino.rossi@oyy.fi

Note: the day of decision has been changed to 8th of Dec 2021 due to changes in the schedule of Student Council. Also the Board of OYY has decided to continue the call period until the 28th of Nov 2021 due to changes in the University's systems.

The remit of the university collegium is to:

(1) decide on the number of members on the board and the duration of the term of office of the board and its members;

(2) elect the members referred to in the University Act section 5 (4) to the board;

(3) confirm the election of board members by the university community groups;

(4) dismiss board members by proposal of the board;

(5) select the financial auditors of the university;

(6) confirm the financial statement and the annual report of the university and discharge board members and rectors from liability;

(7) decide on the bringing of an action for damages against a board member, rector or financial auditor;

(8) decide on the dismissal of board members.