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The FSHS CouncilModified 2021-01-21 08:57


The FSHS Council

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no members, one deputy

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Application period

2020-12-02 - 2021-01-11


2021-01-11 - 2022-12-31

Place and date for decision making

OYY's board meeting in week 2

The FSHS Council works on national level and guides the foundation’s actions within the framework of legislation. The Council has a minimum of 24 and a maximum of 30 members. The Ministry of Education, the National Institute for Health and Welfare, Kela, the Association of Finnish Local and Regional Authorities and FSHS personnel can each appoint one member to the Council, while the National Union of University Students (SYL) can appoint 18 members. Members of the Council are appointed for two calendar years at a time.

The Council meets twice a year for its Spring and Autumn Meetings. The Spring Meeting discusses issues that include the annual report of the Board of Trustees and adopts the financial statements. The Autumn Meeting discusses about the budget and the action plan, appoints the Chair, Vice Chair, secretary and certain other members of the Council if necessary, and appoints the Chair, Vice Chair and other members of the Board of Trustees if necessary.

OYY will send a proposal about two deputy nominees of different sex to SYL. SYL will base their proposal to FSHS's board to the proposals from the Student Unions. FSHS Board will nominate OYY's representative in their meeting in the beginning of the year 2021.

Please tell in your application why you'll apply to the FSHS council and how have you progressed in your studies. Send your application by the 11th of Jan., 2021.

More information: sopoasiantuntija@oyy.fi