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Maatalous-metsätieteellinen tiedekunta


2019-01-01 - 2020-12-31

Manager :

Jenna Sorjonen,

Each degree programme at the University of Helsinki has an executive group that supports the director of the degree programme and processes the main issues related to the degree programme’s operation. Two actual and two vice members represent students in each executive group.

The tasks of the degree programmes’ executive groups are: 1) being in charge of preparing the curriculum 2) preparing a proposal on the curriculum for the faculty in charge 3) preparing a proposal on the application targets and selection criteria for the faculty in charge 4) preparing a proposal for the faculty in charge on the maximum number of students to be accepted into the degree programme 5) deciding on the degree programme’s teaching schedule 6) preparing the use of the degree programme’s teaching as well as its teaching and facility resources 7) taking care of organising Swedish-language teaching in the degree programme

The preparation of curricula and deciding on the annual teaching schedule are particularly important influencing places for students: executive groups determine the framework for what courses are taught in the schedule, which studies are compulsory to everyone, how much optional studies can be included in degrees, what kind of study material and teaching methods are used on courses and what methods to complete courses each course has. In addition to this, executive groups process issues related to student admissions in the degree programme and the use of teaching and facility resources, for instance.

As a member of the executive group, you will get to influence teaching offered in the degree programme and make students’ voice heard while forming useful networks at the same time. You can also get credits for acting in the executive group.

For further information on acting in the executive group of a degree programme and the call for applications, please contact the Specialist in Educational Policy Jenna Sorjonen, tel. 050 325 5202, email jenna.sorjonen(at)

Further information on acting as a student representative in administration, the Regulation on the Selection of Student Representatives and much more is available at

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