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The Student Union of the University of Helsinki is looking to fill the following position(s) of student representatives in university administration:

The Board of the Library of University of Helsinki

Student representation in university administration is an important principle of the Finnish higher education institutions. In all administrative bodies professors, other staff and students are all equally represented, which ensures decision-making that takes into account the points of view of all instances involved in the issues being discussed.

Student representatives do not receive a salary, but work on a voluntary basis. Depending on the body in question, meetings can be held from a few times a year to monthly. In addition to attending the meetings, student representatives are expected to familiarise themselves with the documents beforehand, and keep in touch with the students they represent, as well as the other student representatives through personal contacts or student organisations. The student representatives themselves gain important experience of university administration. Also, having acted as a student representative in university administration can also be an advantage when seeking employment.

Most university administrative bodies currently work in Finnish. English may be accepted as a working language, but most documents will be in Finnish, so a basic command of the language is advisable.

More information about open positions: specialist (higher education policy and university administration) Janne Lardot, phone 050 543 8460, email: janne.lardot(at)

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